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The Frontpress offers you everything required for the demands of the UK waste collection market. It has a strong and durable construction and an enviable reputation, while offering you excellent payload capacity, regardless of the waste stream.

Our engineers have continuously developed the tried and tested Frontpress frontloader and have equipped it with a range of innovative features to maximise productivity and make it more intuitive for your Operatives.

With years of successful use already behind it, the Frontpress is the economical refuse collection truck for the collection of commercial waste. In addition to conventional wheeled bin containers, this has the capability to collect large waste bins and containers between 1.1m3 and 10m3 with one operative.

The ability to be operated by a single operative, provides a safe and comfortable workplace, as the driver is always well protected from the weather and from contact with refuse.

There is no physically onerous work involved in lifting and lowering containers as the powerful pickup arms grip the container accurately and effortlessly. The reduced tip angle of the waste containers will ensure waste material is all emptied into the hopper area. Meanwhile, the side hinged doors mean that the overall vehicle height is minimised.

Using a joystick, the driver controls the approach and emptying procedures with great ease from the cab. This is a valuable plus point having a two-fold effect – the driver is protected from injury by the container whilst at the same time enjoying the best possible view of the lifting operation cycle.

Our clients often require their vehicles to collect several different waste types, including General Domestic, Garden, Food and a range of other recyclables including Paper, Card, Glass, Metals and Plastics. Flexibility is key. Our unique compaction system on the Frontpress Refuse Collection Vehicle gives the operative the ability to carry out an unlimited amount of compaction cycles, which fully utilises the full volume of the body, while ensuring the best possible payload.

The Frontpress is available from 28m3 – 38m3 which it means that regardless of the operational or geographical challenges, you will always have a solution.

The Frontpress can be configured with an integrated Bin Lift allowing you to collect conventional wheeled bins on the same vehicle. This provides you with the ultimate flexibility.

From initial enquiry, we will liaise with you to customise the Frontpress for your operation and waste disposal requirements. With our extensive and diverse product range and consultative approach, FAUN Zoeller can always provide a Refuse Collection Vehicle that is an appropriate and economic solution with an emphasis on product longevity and low total cost of ownership.