Specialists in refuse collection bodies, lifters and road sweepers

FAUN Zoeller are a wholly owned subsidiary of the KIRCHHOFF Group, with factories across Europe, Asia, America and the Pacific Rim the Group produce automotive parts, tools and mobility equipment as well as refuse collection bodies, lifters and road sweepers. Now with 46 Factories in 16 countries over 3 continents the company has grown from the original needle company started in 1785!

The technology and experience from the automotive sector has now been transferred to RCV production and our investment in new robotic engineering is at the forefront of the design and manufacture of the products. This now ensures that each body conforms to EN standards across the range and all of our products have a superior build quality and consistency that this technology ensures.

The FAUN Group globally has an extensive service network with over 500 engineers, the UK division aims to offer a first class sales and service provision and ensure that all of our products are renowned for quality and innovation. With a network of preferred partner workshops and our own team of 14 fully equipped, qualified field service engineers, we ensure that investing in our product is not just for today… but the whole life of the vehicle.