Viajet 4





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Viajet 4 performs a series of clean sweeps

The perfect solution for inner city sweeping

The Viajet 4 is a small, flexible, powerful sweeper with a 4 m³ body. It is quiet, compact and highly maneuverable, making it an ideal sweeping solution for inner city areas, especially due to its capability to unload into refuse collection vehicles by a high mounted breakover point of the body. It is also capable of speeds up to 55mph, greatly minimizing driving time between usage sites and the waste depot.

The Viajet 4 is equipped with the proven FAUN Zoeller (UK) Limited air circulation system as standard. This means that 70% of the air taken in remains in circulation and only 30% is ejected from the sweeper. The suctioned air serves to agitate the sweepings, improving the ability of the air current to take in and filter out the dirt. The FAUN Zoeller (UK) Limited air circulation system significantly reduces dust emissions, makes for better cleaning and also minimizes water consumption. Less water also means less total weight, resulting in lower fuel consumption and a higher payload.

As an alternative, the Viajet 4 can also be equipped with a mechanical intake unit. This makes the body engine unnecessary, which in turn helps the sweeper to save fuel and operate even more quietly. It also reduces the vehicle’s unladen weight when compared with other compact sweepers without affecting loading capacity.