FAUN Zoeller (UK) Limited supplies and services refuse collection bodies, lifting devices & road sweepers to the private and public sectors within the waste industry.

This goal will be achieved through the creation of a total quality and Gold Standards culture that underpins all our activities on a day-to-day basis.

The quality of our products and services is fundamental to our strategic direction in becoming recognised as the main provider within the sector that we operate.

To achieve this objective the organisation has adopted:

BS EN ISO9001: 2015 – Quality Management Systems Requirements

The following will be fundamental to the achievement of our quality culture:

  • The quality policy will be appropriate to the purpose and contextual issues faced by the organisation (refer to the Faun Zoeller context presentation)
  • Will assist with promoting our strategic objectives (set out within our objectives presentation)
  • Provides a framework for setting measurable quality objectives
  • The organisation will ensure that applicable requirements where required are addressed within our QMS
  • The Company will promote and foster continual improvement and improvement of the quality system
  • This quality policy shall be made available on our portal and as documented information
  • The Directors will ensure adequate communication of this policy to staff, customers, and contractors and where appropriate stakeholders. As a minimum staff and contractors will be appraised and understand this policy
  • The quality policy will be available to interested parties and stakeholders

This policy will be reviewed at the Company’s scheduled management review forums.


Simon Hyde
Chief Executive Officer

November 2021 – V2