Our Policy Statement

As a company with a leading position in the waste and recycling industry, we have a responsibility to all of our stakeholders, including our employees, our customers, the public, and the communities in which we work, to serve, protect and engage. We, aim to be the best at what we do, acting responsibly at all times to ensure protection of the environment and to support social wellbeing.

Our objectives:

Being a responsible business means ensuring that we:

  • Encourage open, ethical, honest and respectful communications with all our stakeholders ยท Provide sustainable solutions and the highest standards of service to our customers
  • Provide a safe working environment free from harm
  • Engage and motivate our people, providing the opportunity to learn and grow supported through structured training programmes and development opportunities
  • Support the local communities in which we operate
  • Deliver on our commitments and comply with the law
  • Minimise business risk
  • Operate responsibly and ethically at all times with due respect for the environment and sustainability
  • Develop and safeguard our reputation and brand

Managing Corporate Responsibility

Our position in the industry means that we are integral to the supply of sustainable solutions for our customers and therefore, corporate responsibility is at the heart of our ethos and embedded in everything we do.

We believe that by acting responsibly we will enhance our financial performance and create sustainable value for our shareholders. Our Corporate Responsibility (CR) framework encompasses our people, health, safety & wellbeing, communities, the environment, our marketplace and relationships with our customers, suppliers and other parties and our commitment to business ethics and conduct. We set ourselves clear and measurable business objectives and targets annually as a business aligned to our 5 strategic pillars – Safety, Customers, Process, People and Profit.

We aim to lead the way in developing sustainable solutions for everyone we work with, to work with like- minded organisations with have similar aims and objectives and to educate and inform those that don’t. We aim to ensure that our people, customers and the communities we are part of, are made aware of the value that FAUN Zoeller places on Corporate Responsibility through participation and consultation. Our philosophy is that it is not something extra but integral to the way we work.

This policy statement is publicly available on the Company website and displayed prominently, and / or made available to view by all employees at all FAUN Zoeller workplaces.

Simon Hyde
Chief Executive Officer

30th June 2016

The Policy will remain under review to ensure its continuing relevance. FAUN Zoeller UK Limited, 4/5 Colemeadow Road. North Moons Moat, Redditch B98 9PB.