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Safety is paramount

The new low level front line domestic lifter, ergonomic safe and efficient.

Vehicle utilisation and maximising ‘up-time’ are key to the success of our customer’s fleet management.

The team at FAUN Zoeller UK have been busy gathering data and talking to a wide range of customers and end users to help understand what is really happening in the field and what challenges they face. I have spoken many times about our product range which is now a true reflection on what the UK market demands… UK designed, German built.

The Rotary XL is yet another example. The design has four elementary features that will contribute to the operational performance for the customer. The width of the lift is the actual size of the hopper width giving a greater aperture for loading and bulkier waste streams. The overhang is considerably reduced giving greater weight distribution, payload for the vehicle and having a dramatic improvement to the overall vehicle manoeuvrability.

The rave is at a true low level position, whereas most UK low level lifters are considered to be “mid level.” Again the level of the rave allows for a lot easier loading for the operatives and is a lot safer, particularly when handling bulkier waste streams.

The most striking of all the features on the Rotary XL are the new patented barriers arms. The air filled configuration allows the working area to be observed and is linked to the sensors that will disable the device should the area be occupied while in operation. The significance of the material used in the arms is the dramatic reduction in barrier arm damage which is a significant cost to any operator, particularly in tight urban areas. Furthermore, for the operator it is less likely to cause any physical damage due to its flexibility. Damage to passing cyclist, cars or pedestrians which is always a concern for operators in busy high streets has now being dramatically reduced. A pioneering design that will reduced damage costs significantly and enhance the safe working of what is potentially a dangerous piece of equipment.

The Rotary XL was initially launched at the IFAT exhibition in Munich but is now working the streets of UK on a demonstration unit. Early feedback and signs from the customers are extremely positive and it looks again like the “UK design, German built” combination is another winner!!