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The new low level front line domestic lifter, ergonomic safe and efficient.

The Rotary XL Low Level Bin Lifting System offers you everything required for the demands of the UK waste collection market. It has a strong and durable construction. The intuitive controls and ergonomic design makes is safe and easy to use regardless of the container type loaded onto the lift.

The Rotary product portfolio receives its name due to the simple rotating kinematics of the bin lifter. Once a container has been presented, the lifter empties the container in one motion, giving the operative fast and effective discharge of waste. The angle sensors fitted to control this rotating action can be fully customised. This means we can set your bin lifter up to the preference of your operational staff. Setting the speeds and motion of the lifter throughout the collection cycle makes it effective and crucially safe to operate. This can incorporate a soft start function which means the containers can be presented to the bin lifter gently, reducing the strain on the upper body joints of your operators.  

The Rotary XL has been designed for the UK market demands. We collated data and feedback from our UK clients on the previous model of Rotary lift system, and incorporated this during the design phase of the new lift. The Rotary XL, gives you a different option to the standard Rotary 3. The full width, integrated design offers the operator a bigger aperture to load any bulky items, whilst contributing to a much shorter overall vehicle length, offering increased manoeuvrability. As with the standard Rotary 3 these features not only benefit the operation of the equipment, but also the ease of maintenance and reduction in the total cost of ownership. This approach has made the Rotary XL a popular solution for the UK market.

The lifting system is suitable for collecting all wheeled containers from 80 – 1300 litres in capacity. A button station controlled rave plate can be easily lowered and raised so bulky items of waste can be collected. All waste can be collected with ease.

The lifter has many customisable features which enable us to tailor the operation to the preferences of the operative. The product can be configured with either plastic or our patented inflatable barrier arms. The benefit of the material used in the inflatable barrier arms is the dramatic reduction in barrier arm damage which is a significant cost to any operator, particularly in tight urban areas. Furthermore, for the operator it is less likely to cause any physical damage due to its flexibility. Damage to passing cyclists, cars or pedestrians which is always a concern for operators in busy high streets has now being dramatically reduced. A pioneering design that will reduced damage costs significantly and enhance the safe working of what is potentially a dangerous piece of equipment.

The Rotary XL can be fitted on vehicles with a Gross Vehicle Weight of between 18000 – 32000kg. Regardless of the operational or geographical challenges, you will always have a solution. 

The Rotary XL is compatible with many of our Refuse Collection Bodies, including the Variopress, Evopress, Powerpress and Combipress.

From initial enquiry, we will liaise with you to choose the best bin lifting system for your operation and waste disposal requirements. With our extensive and diverse product range and consultative approach, FAUN Zoeller can always provide a Refuse Collection Vehicle that is an appropriate and economic solution with an emphasis on product longevity and low total cost of ownership.