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Diamond Multi-functional Lifter

Designed with multi-functional lifting technology, the Diamond system has been manufactured for the domestic market, to offer a combined lifting capability for containers with a diamond pick-up facility and standard containers with comb receivers.

Two fully automatic independent lifters can be used by loaders to discharge containers with either diamond or comb facility. Coupling of the two carriages creates one functional unit allowing either semi­automatic or manual emptying of four-wheel containers with comb or diamond pick-up facility.

The Diamond can be used to lift standard containers from 80 through to 1300 litres and 60-360 and 1100 litre containers fitted with diamond pick-up facilities.

Note: Any dimensions shown are indicative only and should not be used for installation. Exact installation details for each body/chassis combination must be obtained in writing from the engineering department at Zoeller waste Systems Limited.