Rotopress XL

Rear Loader Body



Compatible Bin Lifts

The trailer mounted mobile transfer station

Rotopress XL is the ideal solution for the cost-effective compaction or separation and transportation of waste.

You know the Rotopress as a reliable and cost-effective refuse collection vehicle which, with more than 35,000 vehicles sold, can look back on a long tradition and a substantial fund of experience. Above all, the Rotopress has become famous for its proven rotating-drum principle, fewer moving parts means less maintenance and repairs, yet another reason why the Rotopress is one of the most cost-effective refuse vehicle bodies. Further advantages of the rotating drum include: easy and residue-free emptying, easy-maintenance compacting screw, massive compaction, perfect sealing, no residues, no odours.

Now, with the Rotopress XL, FAUN Zoeller (UK) Limited offers you a new, efficient solution for the separation of collection and transport. You can choose between two options.

The Rotopress XL can function as a mobile transfer station. In this option, the collected recyclable material is transferred to the container via a conveyor belt or hopper arrangement and subsequently transported to the disposal site as the semi-trailer of a tractor unit. Alternatively, the body can also be used in a stationary role as an intermediate waste store, before the refuse is sent to the disposal site in special transport vehicles.

Whether as a stationary installation or as a transport vehicle, with its 41 m³ compacted load volume and its economical, hygienic and environmentally-friendly operation, the Rotopress XL is the perfect solution for the separation of collection and transport.