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OMEGA Trade Lift

Flexibility in Commercial Waste Collection

The Omega Low Level Bin Lifting System offers you everything required for the demands of the UK waste collection market. The product is predominantly designed for the collection of high volume Commercial 4 Wheeled Containers and Bulky Waste with a strong and durable construction. The intuitive controls and ergonomic design makes is safe and easy to use regardless of the container type loaded onto the lift.

The Omega can be fitted on vehicles with a Gross Vehicle Weight of between 18000 – 32000kg. When fitted to a FAUN Refuse Collection Vehicle there is no requirement for an additional lift interface frame which gives the lifter a really short overhang. Another benefit of this is a weight saving, which will maximise the payload. 

The product can be configured with a Semi Automatic function. With this containers can be presented to the bin lifter, which will raise to a height whereby the container is secure. The operator can then use the manual controls to complete the operation in a safe and efficient manner. An additional control station is fitted next to the comb assembly which gives safe and easy operation for the operative. 

The Omega benefits from a full width design which offers the operator a bigger aperture to load any bulky items. This feature not only benefits the operation of the equipment, but also the ease of maintenance and reduction in the total cost of ownership.

The lifting system is suitable for collecting all wheeled containers from 80 – 1300 litres in capacity. It can also be specified with Palladin Container Clamp Arms, and container hooks. A popular option for some of our Commercial clients is to have a Bin Weighing System fitted. The Omega can be specified from the factory to have the necessary mechanical and electrical interfaces fitted. Regardless of the operational or geographical challenges, you will always have a solution.

 The Omega is compatible with many of our Refuse Collection Bodies, including the, Variopress, Powerpress, and Combipress.

From initial enquiry, we will liaise with you to choose the best bin lifting system for your operation and waste disposal requirements. With our extensive and diverse product range and consultative approach, FAUN Zoeller can always provide a Refuse Collection Vehicle that is an appropriate and economic solution with an emphasis on product longevity and low total cost of ownership.