Viajet 7




Additional Options

The Viajet 7 is the bigger sibling to the popular Viajet 6. The Viajet 7 has a hopper volume of 7m3 and can be mounted on a 18000kg chassis. Dependant on final vehicle specification this can offer impressive payloads of up to 7000kg. The streamlined low profile body roof ensures a further convenience to operators, particularly as these can often be operated in both urban and rural locations where low tree branches can cause damage. Regardless of the operational or geographical challenges, you will always have a solution.

The vehicle can carry an unbelievable amount of water. Tank sizes range from 2200 and 3000 litres an attribute which assists in making the Viajet 7 Road Sweeper the cleanest in its class. The Viajet 7 is designed to have two separate water tanks, one underneath the hopper, and one at the front of the hopper. Along with the benefits of weight distribution, this also further reduces the operational noise of the Viajet 7.

When compared to all of our competitors, a key and unique difference to all of our Viajet Series of Road Sweepers is the patented Air Recirculation System. In practice our sweepers filter the air and debris collected by the sweeper in the hopper, and then blow the air back down onto the road surface which creates turbulence resulting in a much cleaner swept surface. This also improves the air quality and overall environment in the areas where the sweeper operates.

Adding water to the blast air also enables the road to be cleaned in the working area of the suction shaft. Another advantage of the Air Recirculation system is that in winter, it can be operated in temperatures as low as -5 °C by adding water to the suction shaft, as the air introduced into the circuit is heated by around 15 °C and therefore prevents the water in the suction shaft and the container from freezing.

You can choose for three different drive types with our Viajet 7.

The popular Hydodrive System, provides the power direct from a chassis mounted PTO and Hydraulic Pump. This system dramatically reduces the number of moving parts giving a much lower total cost of ownership, and keeps the unladen weight of the Viajet 7 road sweeper to a minimum, maximising operational efficiency.

The second drive option is our Hydrostatic drive, which has always been popular in the UK market.

The third option is to run the Road Sweeping equipment with a separate Auxillary engine (often referred to as a donkey engine). This has been by far the most popular option for our UK clients over the years, however with the move away from fossil fuels on the horizon, the more fuel efficient Hydrodrive option will soon take this mantle.

The optional Cleanair system (which is available on Hydrodrive and Hydrostatic options of the Viajet 7) makes the already clean operation even cleaner. This additional Air Filtration system drastically improves the Particulate Matter (PM) Emissions from our Road Sweepers. A reduction in these emissions is important for general health as smaller Particulate Matter can travel deep in the respiratory system. Particulate matter is measured in Microns, and to put this into perspective there are around 25,000 Microns in one inch. The Cleanair system from FAUN reduces PM in the exhaust air at 2.5 micrometers (the average human hair is around 70 micrometers in diameter) by 30-40%!* It reduces PM at 10 micrometers by 50-70%!*. An additional benefit is a reduction in the noise emissions at approximately 30%.

This is available with several options to meet your specific operation, including different High Pressure Water Systems, Rear Suction Systems, additional water system options and rear door mounted Wander Hoses.

Tipping the vehicle is made easier due to the optional external tipping controls and 60 degree tipping angle for the hopper.

Our Viajet series perfectly complements our other products, and offers an excellent solution for clients who need a Road Sweeping Vehicle to access hard to reach areas. Large areas of the Viajet hopper are manufactured from real Stainless Steel as standard, and options are available to construct the entire hopper from this material. This offers great durability, and is a worthwhile consideration for clients operating product on road maintenance or in coastal areas for instance. Its strong and durable construction, offers you excellent payload capacity for this size of vehicle, regardless of the road surface condition and / or waste stream.

From initial enquiry, we will liaise with you to customise the Viajet 7 for your operation and Road Sweeping requirements. With our extensive and diverse product range and consultative approach, FAUN Zoeller can always provide a Road Sweeping Vehicle that is an appropriate and economic solution with an emphasis on product longevity and low total cost of ownership.

*Source Fresenius Institute