A FAUN Zoeller Repair and Maintenance Contract is the ultimate way to take a firm hold on your operating costs. As well as all your planned maintenance, it also includes all repairs due to wear and tear.

FZUK can help you to choose a contract together with your chosen ‘home’ workshop. Contracts can be tailored to suit your operating needs and your budget. This means that your contract can include just the Body & Lift or it could be extended to include some auxiliary equipment. The choice is yours.

With a FAUN Zoeller Repair and Maintenance or Service Only Contract, your first line maintenance will usually be provided by your ‘home’ workshop. FZUK will take care of all other aspects of R&M / Service requirements. This can be carried out on your own site or at a preferred repairer. As well as the peace of mind provided by our Repair and Maintenance Contract, you can also expect a better price when the time comes to trade in or sell your vehicle. FZUK also offer servicing on a Pay As You Go basis.

All FAUN Zoeller Contracts are subject to monthly KPI checks and Bi-Annual Audits by our Fleet and Compliance Department. Examples of some of the KPI’s are listed below:

  • Response Time
  • Clearing of Driver’s Defects
  • Adherence to Service Schedule
  • Minimum Vehicle VOR Time
  • Detailed Monthly KPI Results provided to clients
  • Health & Safety Compliance


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