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High Level Lifter



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Delta Triple lifter offers fast, reliable and easy operation

The Delta Triple combines a fast, reliable and easy operation, with the latest safety features to deliver a high productivity, high level lifter for split bodied collection.

Three independent lifter units operate automatically or semi automatically to ensure a fast and safe emptying cycle in single and combined mode.

The high ground clearance reduces the risk of damage, particularly at the landfill site, while the hydraulic and electrical elements are concealed behind metal panels to prevent travel damage and allow engineers easy access even while the lift is operating.

The simple flexible barrier arms allow easy operation and minimise operational damage.

The independent bump bar system adjusts automatically to bin type and promotes quicker and cleaner container discharge.

An on board, fully retentive memory provides operational management and diagnostics, which can be retrieved via a touch screen in plain English, regardless of interruption or even total loss of power supply.