Alternative Fuel

The future is here and now. Bluepower from FAUN Zoeller brings you a cutting edge Hydrogen / Electric Hybrid vehicle giving incredible benefits to the Environment. It has been designed specifically for our market sectors, and is focussed on maintaining the overall performance of a Refuse Collection Vehicle and Road Sweeper with no compromises.

Your existing fleet does not need to change. We use a popular Market leading chassis, removing the engine and gearbox, replacing them with batteries and Hydrogen Fuel Cells and Fuel Tanks. In using the Hydrogen Fuel to charge the batteries while the vehicle is operating, it means we greatly minimise the amount of batteries needed. The importance of on the Environment cannot be underestimated, as early on in the design phase our development team were conscious that batteries, and crucially the natural compounds that are used in their construction (such as Lithium) were minimised. The result is that our Bluepower product uses less than 30% of the batteries, when compared with other full Electric chassis on the market.

Integration with existing fleet is straightforward because the Bluepower chassis can be paired with our market leading Refuse Collection Bodies, and Road Sweepers. The approach with the Design and Technology, ensures that the dimensions of the vehicle is the same as the Diesel powered equivalent, while still offering you excellent payload capacity, regardless of the waste stream.

The Bluepower can be configured with our range of Electric Zoeller Bin Lifts, supplied as an open back or prepared for 3rd party hoists if preferred.

From initial enquiry, we will liaise with you to consult and customise the FAUN Bluepower solution for you, with your operation and waste disposal requirements in mind. With our extensive and diverse product range and consultative approach, FAUN Zoeller can always provide a Refuse Collection Vehicle that is an appropriate and economic solution with an emphasis on product longevity and low total cost of ownership.

Join our Hydrogen Revolution!