FAUN- Zoeller UK (FZUK) continue to foster the next generation of talent by hiring talent through apprenticeship schemes which see candidates who have completed their schooling, college or university be fully integrated into the workplace. The group has recently taken on 1 of 5 planned apprentices this year. The newest member of the team has started in a finance role which will allow for their personal and professional development while they gain meaningful insight and experience in the workplace.

Georgia Howard started last month as a finance apprentice, having completed her degree at Derby University; she commented, “One of the reasons I’m most excited to join FZUK is how forward thinking they are as a business. Championing sustainability and innovation is a key part of their ethos, and I’m really excited to be part of that. This apprenticeship is right for me because it offers the opportunity to learn whilst working. Learning through experience helps you learn faster and apply skills from the classroom to real world situations. Ultimately this will provide me with a great basis for my career.”


It was down to the support of The Point Business Centre at Kidderminster College that Georgia found the role of the training they help local businesses to find future talent. Danny Pardoe, Business Engagement Lead, commented on why local businesses need to consider apprenticeships within their business; “To see the passion and commitment that an international organisation like FAUN-Zoeller has to develop and expand their workforce through apprenticeships is inspiring to me and provides proof that an apprenticeship is a useful, viable way to ensure growth and success of any business. It’s been a pleasure to work with Lee Dugmore to help him hire Georgia Howard as an Accounting Apprentice with Kidderminster College as her training provider, and I am certain that Georgia will be a fantastic addition to the FAUN – Zoeller family.”

Simon Hyde, CEO of FZUK and founder of The Power Up Mentoring Foundation, supports all apprenticeships and wanted to highlight the misconceptions around apprenticeships as he commented, “There is plenty of stigma around apprenticeships, but things are changing fairly quickly now with a lot of companies looking at apprenticeships to help with the challenges of the workforce. By encouraging people into a business through apprenticeships helps to future proof and make the industry you work within more visible to those within the local community and allows the company to develop homegrown talent.”

FZUK is committed to hiring even more apprentices this year and which are from across the departments of sales, IT and engineering. They will continue to have a close working relationship with Kidderminster college as the community is at the heart of the organisation.