FAUN Zoeller hosts Kidderminster College Students


FAUN-Zoeller UK Ltd, headquarters based in Redditch, invited students from Kidderminster College on Monday. The students and teachers had a tour of the facilities and a chance to learn about the Kirchhoff group.

The main reason behind the visit was to launch a project/collaboration with the company and Kidderminster college.  FAUN-Zoeller will commission some art pieces for their ‘Customer Experience Centre’. The company is looking for the students to create designs, which will be displayed in the new centre.

Simon Hyde, CEO of FAUN-Zoeller (UK) Ltd, states “as a board member of Kidderminster College and advocate of bringing local schools, colleges and businesses together. I wanted to embark on a cooperative project of the Arts department to help with the new Customer Experience Centre at FAUN-Zoeller UK Headquarters in Redditch. It is a perfect collaboration with Kidderminster college.”

Glyn Taylor-Marshall, Programme Leader for Creative Industries, commented, “This is a wonderful opportunity for Learners and staff to be able to collaborate with such a prestigious company. Our learners are being given the chance to really excel and show their potential in the professional arena. The added value of transferable skills and work-based experience will be just amazing.”

This project is a continuation of the drive FAUN-Zoeller, and Simon are committed to helping engage and shine a spotlight on the next generation of talented young people within our local community.