FAUN Zoeller UK (FZUK) hosted their family day at the Limes Country Lodge Hotel, located in Earlswood, Solihull. The day was a chance to come together with the team and thank the families. While letting workers know that their efforts and contributions are highly valued, as well as providing an opportunity for all of FZUK to express their gratitude towards one another. There was plenty of food, entertainment and lots of drink for everyone to unwind.   


The day consisted of a BBQ on arrival before the entertainment started with a wide selection of activities involving; inflatable bungee run, inflatable penalty shoot-out and a rodeo bull. Shortly after an oompah band took to the stage, followed by a DJ and some more food. The evening concluded with the second set of the oompah band and some face painting as employees and their families danced the night away. Catherine Kings, Executive Assistant at FZUK, organised this year’s special event, planning multiple activities and fun for all. Kings explained why the family day is so important. “At FZUK, we pride ourselves on having a positive culture and an environment where employees feel valued, engaged, and motivated. Family day is a fantastic opportunity for us to say thank you and to show how much we value our employees’ personal lives and families. It also gives employees chance to interact outside of work which helps strengthen relationships.”      


According to research, employee turnover rates have increased by 8.9% from 2019 to 2023 and now in 2024, the average staff turnover rate is 35%. At FZUK they pride itself in low turnover rates of just 3.96% from 2023. This reinforces the positive culture FZUK have and how they differentiate themselves from the rest, believing in the importance of allowing families to spend time with each other knowing it is not always that simple. CEO Simon Hyde commented on how FZUK creates a positive culture, aligned with good company values. “One thing that has served me well is being honest and open with stakeholders. To put it into context when running a large business, we feel it is important that all our people are fully aware of all the plans, issues, goals and aspirations for the future. Even when conditions are challenging, we feel that this honest and open approach pays dividends. Despite the pressures and challenges of our working lives, it is vital that we remain focused on our human values collectively and individually. As for Family Day, it is simply a way of saying thank you to all our employees, family and friends in a fun environment.”  

FZUK will continue to provide an enjoyable and positive culture for all employees as they believe in their approach to putting people first. FZUK will look forward to the next bi – annual family day in 2026, as well as other events and days out.  

Birdseye view of employees and families socialising