ENGINIUS UK, part of the FAUN-Zoeller UK Group (FZUK), held a two-day workshop and tour at their factory HQ in Bremen, Germany. The event saw 30 customers from local authorities and large corporations participate in a working session and hear about the more extensive offering from the group. The event allowed attendees to network with like-minded professionals and hear about their experiences with products and services. They were also given the opportunity to understand the positive impact of blue power and hydrogen fuel.

On day one, it had a full agenda, with a factory tour, workshops on infrastructure, college training and green funding. Day two was a welcome from Thorsten Baumeister, ENGINIUS Group CEO, followed by a Hydrogen truck session, which gave a real-life case study of how this has been deployed in St Helen’s Country Council. During the lunch break, attendees could ride in a hydrogen fuel truck and witness a refuel to see how easily this can be done. The day closed with closing remarks from Simon Hyde, CEO of FZUK, Thorsten Baumeister, CEO of ENGINIUS and Florian Brandau, Chief Technical Officer at ENGINIUS.

Florian provided great insight in the green funding session as he discussed, “The transition towards new technologies requires all stakeholders in the value chain to come together and discuss the best way possible to seed and grow new technologies in the market. In the FZ UK & ENGINIUS Hydrogen Event, we managed to have all parties on the table and the result was an astonishing atmosphere and a strong drive to make Hydrogen in transportation happen. We’re looking forward to the next project discussion and will support all players with the best of our people and knowledge. Hydrogen in transportation works…today!”

Simon commented on the, “To be able to invite many current and potential new clients to Bremen to see the factory, is a true pleasure. More importantly to understand the scale knowledge and the robust infrastructure behind the ENGINIUS offering. Also, the support functions we have behind us with our partners as well. We hope the event promotes to everyone that we are a safe pair of hands when working with us. Our customer service is what we are extremely proud of.”

Thorsten Baumeister ENGINIUS CEO, Truck Division discussed the benefit of hosting an event like this for the UK customers; “This event brought different stakeholders together. The exchange between users of the technology on the road, infrastructure providers and financiers is particularly important with this new technology. Just like the training and also the service. There is a great willingness to use new technologies. It is important that hydrogen technology works. I hope to see more events in the future, including roadshows with customers. We want to make the ENGINIUS brand better known and make an important contribution to climate protection with our products.

Each day ended with a dinner and a chance for the attendees to network and leading to further conversations to develop and expand on the opportunities offered by the larger FZUK offering and ENGINIUS. There are plans to do more of these events, both live and virtual, in 2024.


Image of staff and clients in front of ENGINIUS BLUEPOWER truck